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YOUR employees.

THEIR experiences.

OUR expertise.

Let's design for a changing world of work, together.

Hello. Nice to meet you. We are XPLOR.

An employee experience design + strategy studio.

XPLOR is a pioneering force in the field of employee experience design on a quest to make the changing world a better place to work. We're passionate about designing employee experiences that make a real difference in people's lives and deliver business impact.


By applying creativity and bridging data-driven strategy, human-centered design and execution, we help organizations do more than think and talk about employee experiences. We help them take impactful action with intention - crafting tailored, authentic moments and integrated experiences that are well-orchestrated, strengthening employee purpose, transforming brands and elevating organization-wide performance.

Whats is EX?

Employee experience matters to every organization.

Companies with excellent employee experience outperform their competitors on every level. They attract and retain the best talent. They ignite purpose and performance. They're more innovative, more profitable, and have higher levels of customer satisfaction. They take an intentional, people-centered approach to design for the best possible experiences.

About you

You are a momentum maker.

It's possible that you have landed here because you're not content with merely discussing or contemplating ways to enhance your organization. Instead, you're determined to take action and place a strong emphasis on prioritizing the experiences of people. If you're actively seeking new approaches to improve these experiences, then you're likely aware of the significant impact that our approach can have on your brand and overall company. You recognize the value.


Your organization's competitive advantage stems from the quality of the experiences you provide. By being receptive to novel ideas and acknowledging that the people within your organization are your greatest asset, you're already on your way to making a meaningful difference and achieving measurable outcomes.

What our clients say

Kristin McDonald, The Coca-Cola Company

"Working with XPLOR, more specifically Lisa,  has been one of the most valuable professional partnerships I’ve had in the past few years.  As a subject matter expert in the employee experience, design and HR spaces, who also has a deep background in communications, transformation, project development, senior leadership and other disciplines, Lisa is truly one of a kind. She can quickly assess interdependencies in a system and translate that into a simple, digestible picture. She then uses human-centered design methods and tools to address larger challenges in small bites, always testing for impact. 


In addition to Lisa’s direct partnership on experience design projects, I consider her a coach and strategic advisor.  She generously listens, shares her knowledge and always expands my thinking."

Let's explore working together.

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