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We're your employee experience design + innovation partner for impact

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When your goal is to create game-changing experiences, engage people’s hearts and minds and spark innovation, we are here for you


We are XPLOR.
Your employee experience design and innovation partner for impact. We make
work + workplaces 
better for humans and business.


How we can team up


Discover people's stories about their experiences and understand their

needs and wants.

Envision the desired future and create principles and plans to deliver holistic, seamless experiences.

Imagine, design for and bring new and meaningful experiences to life. 

Foster people-centric experience-led innovation mindsets and capabilities.

People's Work Experience
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Reimagining an iconic corporate alumni experience.


What our clients say.

Kristin McDonald, The Coca-Cola Company

"Working with XPLOR, more specifically Lisa,  has been one of the most valuable professional partnerships I’ve had in the past few years.  As a subject matter expert in the employee experience, design and HR spaces, who also has a deep background in communications, transformation, project development, senior leadership and other disciplines, Lisa is truly one of a kind. She can quickly assess interdependencies in a system and translate that into a simple, digestible picture. She then uses human-centered design methods and tools to address larger challenges in small bites, always testing for impact. 


In addition to Lisa’s direct partnership on experience design projects, I consider her a coach and strategic advisor.  She generously listens, shares her knowledge and always expands my thinking."

People's experiences matter

to every organization


Employees are people first. Companies that truly believe that and put employees at the center of their business typically shape excellent employee experiences and outperform their competitors on every level. They attract and retain the best talent. They ignite purpose and performance. They're more innovative, more profitable, and have higher levels of customer satisfaction. They don't let experiences evolve by default, they engage experts to do it by thoughtful design.


So what are the keystone experiences for people and work and where do you start?

Let's explore how we can team up. 

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