We design experiences loved by humans of the world of work.

Every organization creates experiences for candidates, employees, free agents and former colleagues or alumni. Yet few of these experiences carry the hallmarks of design. We aim to alter this state of affairs in service of humans of the world at work and the resulting impact on business. Our human-centered, design-led approach embraces deep exploration and understanding of human behavior, wants, needs and motivations along with co-creation, prototyping, experimentation, testing and iterative development. And of course, it acknowledges our humanness.

Our Why

It's simple. Over our lifetimes we are are likely to spend at least 90,000 hours - 5.4 million minutes - at work in various forms and roles interacting with services, products, environments, processes and other people.


At XPLOR we believe that in every one of those moments there is an opportunity to put humans and their needs at the center. We believe there are endless possibilities to innovate how we engage. To empower meaningful work and contribution. To affect sense of worth and value. To make everyday interactions in and with organizations easier, accessible and more relevant. To create the differences that makes a difference for people, organizations and business. All these and many others enrich quality of life.


These goals often stand in stark contrast to the stories too many people tell about their experiences of work, workplaces and organizations. We were establised to change this through the transformative power of design and innovation. 


We are XPLOR. XPLOR is an experience design and innovation firm, based in Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in transforming the experiences of work and workplaces.

Our Founder


Perpetually curious about the inner workings of things and forever intrigued by the prospect of designing a better way, Lisa has dedicated her professional life to exploring the context of and serving the humans working in and with prominent global brands and organizations.


Lisa is an organizational anthropologist, experience designer and strategist steeped in human-centered design principles and perspectives with a passion for designing experiences for people of the world of work. She guides clients and multidisciplinary teams in exploring human needs and behavior in organizational ecosystems and in intentionally designing engaging and emotive holistic experiences involving services, products, spaces and environments, communications, processes, programs and events.  Her clients and teams rely on her strategic thinking, her passion for creativity and novelty, her unwavering commitment to quality, and her authentic, empathetic and collaborative style.

Lisa serves as a featured speaker and workshop leader on many occassions. Most recently, she inspired 780 employer brand leaders at the 2019 World Employer Branding Day in Portugal to incorporate human experience and human-centered design into their strategies through a practical workshop.  In the fall, Lisa will be presenting to a global senior HR audience on the application of human-centered design and design thinking to 'Manage Change During HR Transformation' and 'Mapping Employee Journeys.'

Prior to XPLOR, Lisa was a Senior Director at Sparks Grove, an experience design firm where she led the Global Employee Experience Design Practice and co-led the Service Design Practice. Prior to that, Lisa spent two years at Morehead Associates leading teams through employee research and innovation solution development and over 18 years at Accenture in professional services and corporate HR leading teams and programs spanning strategy, innovation, purpose and culture design, organizational design & transformation and employer brand strategy.


Lisa holds a BS in Mass Communications and a MA in Organizational Behavior & Communication from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She also holds an Advanced Certificate in Design Thinking and Service Design and is currently studying Graphic Design.

making work better by design through design

An experience design and innovation firm specializing in transforming experiences of work and of workplaces.

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