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Founded in 2019, we are human-centered researchers, strategists, and experience designers. The relentless pursuit of better (everything for everyone) drives us.

Every organization creates experiences for people. Too often, these experiences are random or unplanned. Too few experiences carry the hallmarks of design. We wholeheartedly believe in unlocking the power of design to inspire and expand the quality of life for all humans, especially those in the world of work. 


XPLOR practices holistic, participatory, human-centered design approaches. 

Our style is strategic and creative, intentional and action-based, and experimental and iterative. We design

and create with you. 

We begin every design challenge with exploration. We immerse ourselves in your world - discovering the needs, wants, and motivations of the people, organization, community, and business. We develop a deep understanding of all parts of the system at play, the relationships, and the design challenges they present. We know nothing operates in isolation - nor can it be solved in isolation.

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Perpetually curious about the inner workings of things and forever intrigued by the prospect of designing a new, better way, Lisa, founder of XPLOR, has devoted her professional life to exploring and serving the humans working in and interacting with prominent global brands and organizations.


An inveterate problem solver, equal measures right-brain and left-brain, Lisa is an organizational anthropologist and a human-centered experience strategist, designer, and coach. She has 30 years of experience in diverse roles, including design and innovation, corporate culture and organizational strategy, and employer brand strategy. She holds a BS in Mass

Communications, an MA in Organizational Behavior & Communication, and advanced certificates in Employer Brand, Graphic Design, Human-Centered Design, Service Design, and Design Thinking.