Designing a global, end-to-end employee experience

client:  world's largest provider of enterprise technologies

The Challenge

Identify opportunities to evolve the employer brand through innovating physical and digital touchpoints across the intra-organization ecosystem and develop an employee experience strategy to attract and engage a new mix of talent with new and varied expectations of their experiences with the organization.






The Outcome

A comprehensive, global, qualitative study and rich insights into the current end-to-end employee journey and key unmet needs of a set of distinct personas. The creation of an experience vision, signature design principles along with the desired end-to-end experience journey, an experience innovation roadmap and visualized solution concepts.

The Impact

C-level leaders and internal functions aligned to a shared experience vision and an innovation agenda with common experience principles to drive consistency across the end-to-end experience globally. The organization is currently testing and refining several of the original solution concepts.

It improves engagement, increases productivity, reduces turnover, increases brand equity and advocacy and positively impacts customer experience.

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