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Alumni Experience Strategy


Taking the 'in' alumni experience to the next level.

Intending to take the LinkedIn Alumni Experience to the next level, enabled by a corporate enterprise alumni community platform, LinkedIn sought a strategic partner with a proven track record in alumni experience design and implementation to support their efforts. 

We began our partnership by honing the overall LinkedIn alumni experience strategy. The strategy work involved interviewing alumni and internal stakeholders, mapping the current and desired Alumni Experience journey to envision how the platform experience integrated into the end-to-end Alumni Experience and gaining further insight on additional needs. Then we redefined the alumni community's purpose and value for alumni and internal stakeholders. Following feedback validating our direction, we created an implementation approach and roadmap that phased in the selected features of the platform, along with a detailed registration process. Additionally, we developed a content strategy with a content calendar and a launch plan to activate the newly designed and developed Alumni Experience. 

As part of the new LinkedIn Alumni Experience, we implemented a feedback and NPS mechanism. Following the implementation's first month, feedback from alumni and internal stakeholders was significantly positive - and the newly designed experience received NPS scores in the 80s. Evidence that we have delivered a world-class experience!

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