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Reimagining an iconic alumni community experience.

Investing in your alumni experience is no longer the sole domain of academic institutions. Leading organizations are investing in creating a meaningful alumni experience to extend valuable relationships with former employees over a lifetime. One of the world’s largest beverage companies enlisted our help in such a project.


Recognizing that missed opportunities including business development, recruitment, brand advocacy and others were being overlooked, XPLOR inspired this iconic brand to rethink how it might demonstrate empathy and humility and find ways of extending its relationship with departing and former associates by creating signature experiences.


Over a four-month period involving research, strategy, business case development, and the design and development of the experience and delivery capabilities, we collaborated with the client team to create a signature leave experience and an alumni experience that preserves and even increases brand love.

We began by interviewing over 100 individuals including current associates, recently departed associates and long-time alumni across a variety of domestic and international locations.  We translated this detailed raw data set to a signature alumni community experience strategy informed by six alumni archetypes that captured a comprehensive understanding of alumni needs. In addition to the strategy, we created and produced: 1) a vision video story to cast the desired future state experience, 2) a business case, 3) a detailed implementation roadmap outlining strategic, experience, and operational activities, and 4) a program operating model. Finally, we conceptualized four future service, product, and event offering concepts.​


Our joint effort secured global C-Suite endorsement and support for our proposed alumni experience strategy, and we obtained significant initial investment to execute the strategy, starting with creating a Minimum Viable Experience (MVE) prototype. As of today, feedback is very positive and far exceeds expectations. Alumni are engaged and telling a dramatically better story about their experiences, thus boosting the brand.  As the client team scales the experiences, XPLOR is providing Experience Design and Agile expertise and EX transformation coaching.

Alumni Experience
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