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A human-centered strategy to becoming a special place to work.


Advancing a multi-year effort to “Be a Special Place to Work” involves defining, designing, and delivering a differentiated experience that delights associates and enhances the desired enterprise-wide culture.  A leading financial institution sought our expertise to design the Associate Experience Strategy and provide experience transformation coaching during their multi-year journey.


Through a series of interviews, we gained insight into the present-day associate experience, cataloguing the friction points that existed along their journeys. We corroborated our findings with an experience survey distributed to over 25% of the associate population. Synthesizing all the detailed data, we developed thematic findings along with a needs framework to bring to life the gap between what associates needed and expected and what they experienced. We developed recommendations and prioritized opportunities, sharing with the Executive Team and other key stakeholders to build a shared understanding of the situation.  With their approval we facilitated the development of experience principles and the development of an associate experience improvement roadmap.


Concurrently, we informed the refresh of the employee value proposition, reflecting the experiential aspects of employment. We supported the team by identifying the critical linkages between the employee value proposition development and the associate experience improvement projects that were underway and as well as those planned for the immediate future.


XPLOR’s relationship with this institute continues to grow as we support the team in embedding new practices such as continuous listening and experience measurement, developing the appropriate operating and governance models, and onboarding and up-leveling experience owners across the enterprise.


Associates are embracing the refreshed employee value proposition and are eager to be part of co-creation efforts to improve the prioritized areas of opportunity. The more significant change that has been realized at this stage is that associates are more open to providing feedback and are engaging by providing feedback more regularly. And more and more teams engage in collaboration with the internal innovation lab to creatively solve business and organizational challenges.

Associate Experience Strategy
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