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Human-Centered Design Approach to HR Strategy


A human-centered approach to HR strategy.


In too many cases, employee experience is a standalone program. Yet the discipline inherently requires new thinking and doing and integration at a strategic level and operational level to be effective. Intending to drive transformational change in mindsets across the organization, beginning with HR, XPLOR teamed with HR leadership to do HR strategic planning differently.


We began this project by creating a prototype of a condensed story that narrates the integration of the company’s purpose, high-level strategy, and employee value proposition to serve as our guiding star. 

Through facilitated workshops, we mapped the customer journeys of the individual contributors, people leaders, and senior leaders as well as recently discovered unmet needs and pain points. Mapping the journeys enabled us to see the opportunities for greater integration across the HR network from the customers' perspectives. From there, we co-created a shared understanding of all the HR opportunities and ranked them based on their most significant impact as input into a 3-year HR roadmap MVP (Minimum Viable Plan).  We tested and refined the MVP with stakeholders. Finally, we created project briefs for the first-year initiatives to submit for budgeting purposes. ​​


XPLOR successfully facilitated a mindset shift to one of experience–first. We influenced the way HR leadership thinks and plans. We also delivered an integrated 3-year plan that puts the people at the heart of HR's strategy.

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