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A human-centered approach to internal service innovation.


When subscription to and engagement with a service (including an internal service) is low, that is an opportunity to rethink the service’s purpose and reimagine its value. This was the case for the HR Performance Enablement team at a world leading beverage company when they sought us out.


The design of services typically occurs from the service provider's perspective. Yet the best services are designed to meet the unmet needs and desires of the service receivers.

Utilizing recently gathered customer experience data, the XPLOR team steered the client’s Performance Enablement team through a series of workshops using a jobs-to-be-done human-centered approach to innovation beginning with framing the problem. Instead of seeing innovation strictly from the vantage point of the company’s goals, XPLOR helped the Performance Enablement understand how jobs-to-be-done invites us to see the world of innovation through the eyes of what our client is trying to get done or problems they want to solve. 

We began by empathizing with associates - individual contributors and people leaders – in order to identify their goals at each stage of their journeys. We detailed steps they took and the needs at each step, including social and emotional needs. We also identified the circumstances that might change their job steps and needs, which offered helpful context and new possibilities for innovation. From this point, we developed job stories for which we could design new service concepts. Through a series of ideation and prototyping cycles, we engaged associates for their ideas and feedback. The team is currently in the final stages of implementing new offerings.


Subscription to the newly designed service offerings has increased by 25% and associate feedback is trending positively. And the Performance Enablement team learned the value of thinking from different perspectives. And as a side benefit, we helped the Performance Enablement team transform its brand.

Performance Enablement Innovation
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