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The best experiences
don't happen by chance.
Every moment needs to
be intentionally designed. 

That's what we do.


EXDesign Labs

Expand your creative confidence and unleash the human-centered problem-solver in you. 

In a learn-by-doing environment, deepen your competency in the core activities of employee experience design by experimenting with human-centered behaviors and design methods while solving a real word challenge in a collaborative, learn-by-doing environment.

Our Essentials Lab is an introductory overview to employee experience design. You will be prompted to see the world in a different way and apply common design methods and tools that help you solve employee experience challenges. Our Intensive Labs are deep dives into core design activities intended for aspiring practitioners. Both are offered as public and private cohorts.

Employee Experience Design + Strategy 

Working together to identify true opportunities and create positive change across key moments of people's journey with your organization through people-centered design approaches, methods and tools.

As discrete projects, we lead you through the core activities of discovery, strategy, design, and implementation of improving existing experiences and designing new ones. Our holistic approach equally focuses on designing for the best possible experiences for your target stakeholders and your supporting stakeholders, connecting the frontstage and the backstage of the experience. After all, the vision only becomes a reality when you design the delivery too!

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