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The best experiences
don't happen by chance.
We need to design for them. 

That's what we do.

Our offer

We apply and support our clients as they apply people-centered design approaches for strategy, creative problem-solving, and innovative solutions to transform people's work experiences and improve the quality of their lives. And, in turn, help businesses achieve growth and higher performance. 



EX Catalyst





+ Strategy



EX Research + Strategy

Principles and an actionable strategy of the future inspired by people’s needs and expectations and business goals that transform your organization to be people-centric.

We lead you to deeply understand the people that comprise your organization through a defined set of investigative actions that create a path to find the truth to problems, or the reality of an experience from a human's perspective. 

From there, we lead you through the development of applied principles to guide design decisions across the system of interactions in your candidate, employee, and alumni journeys, along with a roadmap that prioritizes the experiences that matter most for the most significant opportunity and impact.



eX Design

A holistic, collaborative and practical approach to designing for new and improving experiences across people's journey with the organization, from the early moments to the last and everything in between. 

As discrete human-centered design projects underpinned by service and experience design methods and tools, we lead you through our deeply humanistic, holistic, collaborative, and practical approach to research, strategy, design, and development of meaningful experiences. 

Imagine experiences that are empathetic, emotional, engaging, simple to derive value from, relevant, and well-orchestrated along an employee’s journey - from the first moments of interactions through those encountered in daily work life and along career paths to the final moments of employment and beyond. 



eXd Labs

Deepen your competency in  employee experience design thinking and doing and experiment with solving a real world human experience challenge in a collaborative, learning environment.

Designed as an introduction to the essentials of employee experience design thinking and doing, we guide you (and your team) through a learning experience to solve a real-world human experience challenge in design sprint-fashion.

We immerse you in behaviors of human-centered innovators  and practical, down-to-earth methods and tools that really work in the world of work. We guide and support you while holding the space and creating an environment made for collaboration and learning. You will expand your creative confidence and unleash the problem-solver in you. 



EX Catalyst
Essentials Program

A coaching program designed with EX catalysts in mind to help EX catalysts lay the essential groundwork for your organization's employee experience Collaborate with a strategic thought partner and a guide with years of expertise and a fresh perspective who can support you throughout your EX leadership journey.

The times of feeling isolated are over. Through a sprint-like customized coaching program you will receive a personalized experience with a leading expert who can guide you and serve as a collaborative partner.


Designed to Designed to support you Together we will lay the groundwork for a successful employee experience program. Our agenda and schedule will be shaped around your needs.


In workshop-like sessions, we can address any (or all) of the following areas:  employee experience research + strategy,  employee experience + service design, people-centered innovation, experience-centricity, experience journey management, and experience management.

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