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Not sure where to start


We understand. Delve into our holistic EX Journey Framework to gain a comprehensive view of the myriad possibilities that unfold. It's a visual exploration that provides a way to frame the richness of every interaction in people's experiences at work.

The holistic experience framework canvas.

The macro, micro and the nano.


XPLOR - X JOURNEY CANVAS Website 824.png

The candidate experience.

The first impression is pivotal, especially in a competitive talent market. Let's make sure your brand is memorable for all the right reasons - and your candidates recommend your organization even if they don't decide to join.

Transition experiences.

Transitions, including a promotion, a new role, a change in location or assignment, a short or long-term leave from work for personal reasons, special life moments, etc., have the potential to lead to more engaged and committed individuals, improved performance and productivity, and greater organizational success in the long run. However, these benefits can only be realized if the experience is positive.

The new joiner experience.

A great onboarding experience sets employees, managers and leaders up for success. Let's bring new joiners up to speed 50% faster and alleviate a common and major cause of turnover together. 

The day-to-day work experience.

Day-to-day life in an organization can be overwhelming, impacting individual's productivity, performance, collaboration, and well-being - no matter what role they play. Great work experiences nurture flexibility, collaboration, belonging, diverse ways of thinking and working, autonomy and fulfillment. Let's make it easier, simpler, better, and faster for everyone to do their best work.

Learning and growth experiences.

Employees, managers and leaders expect opportunities to gain new skills, work with new people, and enjoy greater autonomy. They expect regular informal feedback and recognition along the way. They need to feel their performance is considered in a fair and comprehensive way. An experience that doesn't meet these basic expectations results in people who stay but disengage or move on. Let's work together to create experiences that keep people motivated and thriving.

The leave experience.

Leaving an organization can be the most emotional and uncertain phase of an employee's journey. When employees have a positive exit experience, they're more likely to become proud brand ambassadors who strengthen your brand's reputation. Ensure a smooth transition for your departing employees and foster a positive brand image by implementing effective exit strategies. Let's work together to create an exit experience that leaves a lasting positive impact on your employees and your organization.

The alumni experience.

Unlock the potential of your alumni network today! Invest in creating a meaningful alumni experience that fosters lifelong brand engagement and ambassadorship. Reach out to former employees, build strong relationships, and explore how they can contribute as customers, suppliers, vendors, or mentors to your current employees. Let's work together to maximize the value of your alumni community and strengthen your brand's network for continued success.

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