An iconic beverage brand asked us to create an experience strategy inclusive of a portfolio of services, products, and events to deliver a meaningful experience for a diverse global population of alumni. Our client also asked us to help build a business case to convince senior executives and to secure investment for the design and for implementation of future stages of the program.

We created a signature alumni community experience strategy utilizing six alumni archetypes featuring a comprehensive understanding of user needs states through an immersive and collaborative partnership. We delivered a vision story to cast the desired future state experience; a business case; a detailed implementation roadmap outlining strategic, experience, and operational activities; and a program operating model. Finally, we provided visualizations of four future service, product, and event offering concepts.

Our joint effort secured global C-Suite endorsement and support for the proposed alumni experience strategy with significant initial investment to execute the strategy, beginning with creating a Minimum Viable Experience (MVE) prototype. We are currently supporting them with continuing experience design expertise and coaching along their roadmap.