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Employee experience 
to every brand. 

Companies with excellent employee experiences outperform their competitors on every level. They attract and retain the best talent. They're more innovative, more profitable, and have higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. They take an intentional, people-centered  approach to design for the best possible experiences.

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MIT, 2017


What is employee experience ?

From the human's perspective

Employee experience is the sum of all interactions (social, work, and physical) an individual has on their journey(s) with an organization as the individual perceives (based on expectations), understands and remembers them. 

From the organization's perspective

An organization’s ability meet the needs and expectations of individuals and connect with their reason and emotion across all interactions over time.


What is employee experience design?

Employee experience design (or EXD) is an application of human-centered design approaches to intentionally design the moments of interactions people encounter in organizational life. It focuses first on determining the desired experience of a person and then curating, creating and refining a system of interactions that will facilitate the outcome.

XPLOR takes a holistic approach. Holistic employee experience design addresses the end-to-end experience happening on the front stage as well as the design of backstage activities.

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